Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't Forget the Power of Amazon

I have been an avid Ebay seller for about 5 years now and it has helped us over many a hump financially.

If you need money NOW, it is one of the fastest ways to get some cash. Especially if you are packrat like I am and keep accumulating STUFF!

But recently I discovered how easy it is to sell on Amazon.

I have used their affiliate program for quite awhile but to be honest, it
is quite piddly money unless you a gazillion visitors to your site and even
then, there are other much better affiliate programs to promote, with higher

However, if you sell your OWN stuff DIRECTLY on their website, you can make pretty decent money. Especially if you have things like:

  • music
  • books
  • games
  • videos

It does not cost to list, like Ebay does. They take a percentage out of your sales and plop the rest into your bank account.

Although I am an even bigger fan of building up an online web with things like Squidoo , blogs, and affiliate marketing programs.... I Just wanted to share about Amazon real quick for those of you that are needing a quick buck. :)

I picked up a book last week at a yard sale for 25 cents and sold it on Amazon a few days later for $10!

And now I need to get back to listing some stuff on there as I still have some old records to get listed ...

Happy marketing!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ahhh...School Has Started!

After homeschooling for many years, we are sending our youngest ones to a local Christian school this year.

And all of a sudden I have several hours a day, all to myself....

I absolutely am loving it!

My list of "To Do Stuff" is in front of me... :)

One of the very first things on my list (and I have started it already) is to do several new campaigns with the One Week Marketing Plan.

I keep a copy of that plan in front of me as I follow it for my new campaign.

For those of you that are brand new to OWM, it is simply a tool to help with ANYTHING you wish to promote and make sales from.

I have used the OWM method for my Ebay log furniture store, and now get oodles of traffic to Ebay through Squidoo and my blog because of it.

I have used it to promote my website (that I built using SBI)and get traffic to it every day from my OWM campaigns.

click here----->One Week Marketing <-------click here!

So anyways... that is what I am up these days.... along with all the usual "Mom" stuff, like in about half an hour I drive the kids to school.... come back home and get the laundry taken care of ... take another son to the airport (he leaves to visit his older brother in CA for a week).... make sure Dad knows he needs to meet Daughter No 1 to test drive a car at 3pm....

Isn't life good?! :-)

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Plug for One Week Marketing!

It's been awhile since I have put in a plug for the One Week Marketing Plan as I have so busy with my SBI site and I also have a ton of other stuff going on this aquiring about 4000 old records that I am helping my daughter with as a business... =)

But anyways, I have campaigns running that I set up using the OWM and the beauty of that is that it is floating out there even though I don't do anything with them... making me sales here and there.

The other morning when I checked my Clickbank account, I had only two clickthroughs which is not good at all as far as numbers go but they both ended up as sales so it was REALLY good as far as numbers go - lol!

But the amazing thing was they both came from two very different products that I had created some Squidoo lenses and blogs on and then never did much with it as I just didn't have time to do research on it to write articles etc...

So the bottom line is that if you are doing affiliate marketing and not making ANY sales it may be because you don't have a clear action plan....

I can not stress it enough that you MUST have an action plan. The One Week Marketing has one of the best and easy to follow plans that I have seen yet and has helped many over the hump with the whole affiliate marketing thing - I know it did me!

GRAB YOUR COPY OF ONE WEEK MARKETING HERE and let your story be the next one!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

WooHoo - SBI is Paying for Itself!

That is right, my SBI site is now paying for itself... It will do way more than that, of course, but I am tickled as I was giving it 5 months to start paying for itself and we are ahead of the game at this point. =)

Age of Site: 2 months and 3 days =)
Pages built: 48
Unique visitors: 50 - 80 a day

At this point I am averaging several bucks a day with adsense...and the cost of running an SBI site is less than a buck a day.

About 90% of my visitors are finding me thru google searches... for instance, if you google the phrase best survival knife and/or best survival knives, my site is on the first page at this point.

I had NO intention of writing anything much on that topic when I started the site but I noticed that I was getting traffic for that phrase so I went with it. =)

That is what will happen no matter what topic you go with - and I am assuming if you are doing affiliate marketing that your ultimate goal is to get an SBI site =)... If you have followed my writings at all you know by now that I do not usually push anything in the line of internet marketing but I just know that if you follow the steps that SiteBuildIt lays out for you, you will have a website to be proud of in six short months!

(If you are still uncertain how this all works click here to see a short overview on SBI for you...)

Well, I am off building more content to draw more traffic! Maybe in another month I will be up to several hundred a day or even a THAT would be really cool! =)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

OMG - I Have Been Too Busy to Post Here....

With summer and kids, smores, and late nights, I have not been posting to my blogs as I should.

Whenever I have some free time I am trying to add pages to my SBI site. It is now some over two months old, (I started it in April of 2009) and am at about 46 pages with between 30 - 50 visitors every day and most of them are coming from google which is making me quite happy. =)

I know I need to keep at it for about 5 - 6 months before I start seeing a lot of results, and I have seen results already so it's hard to not get a little impatient but it seems these things just take time, the way of the tortoise, steady and sure!

If you have not done so, make sure you grab your free copy of the SBI Affiliate Masters Course found at the top of this blog.

Remember that the quicker you START your SBI site, the quicker you will be at the coveted 6 months stage in the building process!

This is just a short post to let you all know that I AM still alive and working on my site at for those following my SBI progress... but I am also taking time off for the more important things in life, like campfires, smores, visiting friends and all the fun summer stuff....

Until next time,
Have a great summer! =)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Got a Check Today....

I got my first affiliate check today thru my Survival Sites - it was for $45 which again is not much for some folks, but to me it is a sign that more is to follow. lol

I have been building my SBI site for a little over a month now and that more than pays for the first month so I figure I am on top of the game even this early IN the game. :)

I had a busy week so I need to go build a page tonight - just had to post that really quick for ya'll.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Been Looking at SBI??

I have been meaning to put this link on here sooner but with all my spare time being invested into building more pages for my SBI site - I kept forgetting it...
I know there are a number of my readers looking into SBI and trying to see if it is a good fit for them, but just like all of us, you want to BE SURE before you invest that moolah!
I have done so much stuff online and to get everything SBI offers at $25 a
month is actually a steal!

BUT - you can take a peak at the actual Action Guide we SBIers use to build our websites and it will not only help you with your decision but will also help shorten your learning curve once you actually DO purchase it.


And as always,

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Made my First Adsense Money Today on My SBI Site :)

It's been about a month now and I have 26 pages built on my SBI site at with an average of 20 - 35 visitors a day coming to it.

So I am adding adsense to some of the pages and some other affiliate links now... I try to add a page a day but some days, like today, I wasn't able to as I had too much other stuff going on... We are trying to get ready for a yard sale and it is pouring rain... :)

What I have been doing is building a page to add to the website and then I also submit the same page in article form to ezinearticles linking back to my site. It takes a few days for it to get accepted but eventually the articles will also draw trafic to the site.

I made my very first adsense money today - a total of .44 :)

That may not be much but hey, it is just the beginning and I know from my first experience with the SBI sites, that it takes a few months for it to really take off.... I only have adsense on a few pages so I need to go get it on more pages.

For those of you that are new to my blog -I have been working from home for several months now, and doing
affiliate marketing, I finally started making money with it, after using the One Week Marketing , plan which focuses on using free methods... and yeah, I do brag on it a bit but then I DO have reason to, as that is what got me over the hump with all the online marketing stuff.... then I invested some of that profit into the SBI program which is like a business in a box. (and my ULTIMATE favorite but it does take a bit more of an investment, although $25 a month is really not that much!)

SBI will teach you how to not only build a website without having to know any html but is known to be one of the best methods of doing affiliate marketing or making money with adsense... I have a short review on it
HERE as well.

I will keep you posted on my progress and in the meantime, as always,
Happy Marketing!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

SBI update...

Summer is here and boy, it is a busy time with teenagers and all... Plus my hubby's job is still on hold, as it has been all winter. With not much luck at finding anything around here.

Although we are so thankful for what my Internet Marketing brings in for us, it is not to the point where we can just depend on it, so I am doing part time work, which keeps me hopping for sure.

But with what I am doing now with affiliate marketing and my new SBI site, I can do all that in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, if I have to... so that is nice and because I am so helplessly addicted to the online stuff, I DO find other times to work at it as well. :)

So, for those of you that are following my progress with SBI, ( here is my site if you have not seen it yet... ) I am at about 20 pages now and am getting steady traffic from Google every day. I know from past experience that it will keep steadily building as I add new pages and new content. (my goal is to have over a hundred pages built by July... we shall see if I get there!)

As of this writing on the 9th of May, you will notice there are not a whole lot of adsense ads and affilaite links added to the site yet. There is a reason for that. SBI explains all that in their FREE AFFILIATE MASTERS COURSE... if you have not taken advantage of that, you are missing out!

Anyways, today is another very busy Staurday at my house so I will need to be off and running... I have done my two hours of 'work' today on the computer so I need to get my 'real work in real life' done too, now! :)

Until next time...
Happy Marketing!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Building a New SBI Site...

Whew... I am well into building my new SBI site and am all pumped, full of ideas and not enough time to get it all done as fast as I would like to!

My very first SBI site that I had ever done was in one of the hardest niches on Planet Internet.... the work at home niche. DON'T put all your eggs in that basket, trust me! Although I do have this blog as my WAH Ramblings site, and I have a freeby website at - other than that I put all my efforts into more profitable niches and topics than making money at home stuff.

So when I got discouraged with the WAH SBI site - and for those of you that are not familiar with SBI, it is the website in a box tool called SiteBuildIt! . Hundreds of work at home moms (and dads) are using it to build their own websites where they can earn a pretty good living with affiliate marketing and adsense.

But anyways, back to my ramblings, after I laid that first site down, I have gone the route of building blogs, Squidoo lenses and writing articles - all free methods to earn affiliate commissions online which is wonderful , especially if you use the OWM (One Week Marketing) guide to help you along. In fact, I didn't make any money till I started using that and following the simple steps outlined there....

I started making money and getting checks in the mail, so I decided to build another SBI site... Wow, all I can say, is WOW!

I had forgotten all the tools that are at my fingertips with it. The SBI system will do it all. It submits each page to various search engines immediately after it is built, it checks that all the links are working, but most importantly of all.... it will tell you as you build each page, whether or not it will please the Google Search Engine and spiders. That is HUGE!!

For any of you that have been following my blogs at all, you all know that I am not perfect. I have grammar errors, big time! And usually I think way faster than I can type, which makes for hard reading at times... so hey, if I can do this, ANYBODY can!!

What are you waiting for? :)

If this is all brand new to you - I would suggest to go build your first blog once. If you want to, send me a link to it, and I'll give you some hints or tips on what you can do with it. Or grab a simple tool or program to help you. There are a variety of them scattered throughout my blog here... and just get started!

Until next time...

Have fun!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't Know What to Write About??

Every writer has those moments - the blank memory times .... and then we all have those moments as well, when the pens fly (or the fingers) and it seems the articles, or blog posts or whatever we are trying to write about just flows...

We all love those times and have learned - somewhat anyways - to live with the not so good moments when we seem to have to squeeze our brain to exude any kind of sentence.

I have an idea for you.... and this is especially for those of you that like to write about anything under the sun..... just for the kicks of writing. :) Yep, there are those of us that just love to write and just wish we had more ways to monetise what we just wrote - lol

What if I told you that there ARE ways to do exactly that?

Ever heard of google trends ??

It is an amazing tool - you will find the hottest trends on google searches from anything like " kal penn death " to "sat scores" and "blind pilot "...

There are folks that simply have websites with articles on all sorts of things and follow the google trends to learn what to write about then monetise with things like adsense, etc...

Here is what one writer shared about that. You can read it HERE...
I will keep you posted on what is happening with my writings on 'trendy material' :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ahhh... Home Again After Two Weeks Vacation!

What a beautiful thing it is to go on a vacation but even more beautiful to come back home again!

We went from MT to MI to visit family - ran into blizzards both ways - got to see MT Rushmore with the kids - and had a wonderful time, blizzards and all!

I enjoyed the break from the computer as well. it is so important to get away from it all every so often. I seem to get the best ideas when I am away from it, like what to write articles on, what I could build Squidoo lenses on next and I am almost ready to tackle a new SBI site....

I did log onto the laptop every couple days and it was really fun to see commissions and sales even when I was not working. I tell you, the power of the internet and being able to harness that to funnel some money into our own bank accounts is exhilarating!

So, now I am trying to get back into a schedule with my kids and their homeschool, plus trying to find the time to put all the new ideas to work that I got while on vacation....

I have to admit - it IS good to be back in the swing again - but if you have not taken a break for awhile, maybe you need to step back, go take a few days off... who knows what killer ideas you may hatch while doing so.... :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sample of One Week Marketing Plan....

Here's just a sample of what you're about to experience ..... with the One Week Marketing Plan...

The Steps to Starting a Successful Online Business with no money to invest - How to get on the ground and running with no money out of pocket. (Page 11)

One of the most closely-guarded secrets for gathering dynamite niche market intelligence - One of the simplest, most effective ways to gather niche market ideas, and it's been hiding right under your nose the whole time . . . (Page 27)

A virtually fool-proof method to Get Your Content Indexed Fast, often within just hours. While others are still waiting to get their sites picked up by the search engines, you're already off to the races, pulling in qualified traffic. (Page 30)

An absolutely CRUCIAL warning for those using Squidoo - Don't even think about making another lens until you read this! (Page 35)

What to do when your content disappears from Google . . . Been a victim of the "Google Sandbox?" Discover how to get your content back in the Index and back to making money for you. (Page 58)

The must-have tools to augment your online success - Because there's simply no reason to spend countless hours slaving over your content. Use these online tools to boost your productivity while slashing the time you spend working ... (Pages 61-64)

The 6 "Hot Spots" on a Squidoo lens - Discover how to make Google fall in love with your lens... The 6 step formula to send your lens on a one-way ticket up the rankings! (Page 23)

CAUTION - Why using social bookmarking services on your lens may actually cause more harm than good... Be sure to get the straight facts before you consider bookmarking your next lens. (Page 42)

A simple, no-nonsense way to ask Google what it thinks your webpage is about. In just a single minute, you'll be able to crack the "relevancy" code for good! (Page 44)

Conducting proper market research before ever touching a website! Beware - The Internet is chock-full of failed marketing attempts with the "best of intentions." Know for a fact that you're selling to a hungry crowd! (Page 47)

Leveraging your traffic's search patterns for smashmouth blog and article titles. How to use your current traffic to pinpoint ways to catch more of your market and stop them dead in their tracks! (Page 50)

Tired of watching your Ezine Articles fall from grace, never to return to ranking glory again? Discover how to keep them pinned up at the top of the search results, never failing to deliver you more traffic. (Page 54)

Gain immediate and lasting focus - How to tune out the "shiny things" onlinethat are robbing you of your productivity, and your profits. (Page 57)

How too MUCH content can work against you... Content may be king, but overkill will poison your marketing efforts! (A Conversation With Nick, Page 7)

And that's just a small sample of what's waiting for you inside. . . Jennifer aka PotPieGirl has carefully sculpted each section of the One Week Marketing course to short-cut your path to having a successful online business.

It doesn't matter if you barely know how to put up a website . . .Haven't been doing this "Internet Marketing" thing for long . . .. . . Don't know how to write a compelling story.

If you don't even know how to pick a good niche market . . .. . . Have driven every attempt to make money online straight into the ground.

The only thing that matters is that you have the desire to succeed and are ready to get started.

So, are you?

Grab YOUR copy of the One Week Marketing Plan HERE and get started TODAY!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Affiliate Part is Easy - The MARKETING is Where We Get Hung up On

Finding stuff to market online is easy... if only the marketing were as simple as finding the products!

Like for instance, I'll go browsing thru the Clickbank marketplace and find a variety of things that I would love to talk about and then I spend several hours trying to find the keywords needed to penetrate enough so that someone can find me on the vast land of the web...

Keyword research is the most important ingredient of Internet Marketing in my opinion.

Me favorite tool is still the keyword sandbox at - it's free and fun to play in. And it is almost like digging for a treasure. As you dig deeper and deeper to get to a good long tailed keyword phrase, it is like gold when you find it. :)
You are searching for keywords related to dancing and you find that there are 35,000 searches for salsa dancing versus tango dancing which has only 18,000... so you enter salsa dancing into the search box and now you have a whole string of related 'long tailed keyword phrases' specific to salsa dancing that you can use for weeks to write articles, blog posts, and build Squidoo lenses on.
(and Clickbank has a few really cool products to promote regarding dancing :)

But, yes, the marketing is where most people give up in any kind of work at home stuff - because no matter what you do - whether it is a home based business, network marketing, mlm, affiliate marketing.... whatever it is that we decide to get involved in to make some moolah from home - it is ALL about Marketing... and then more marketing...

That is why most successful internet marketers are involved with or use some sort of Internet Marketing program to help them with the marketing part.

I know I probably sound like a broken record but I am very much partial to the One Week Marketing Plan as that is what I finally ended up getting to help me get over the hump of the frustrating zeros in my Clickbank account.

That is where I learned how to put together a successful campaign where people actually FIND my stuff thru surfing the net without me having to PAY for advertising.

It is also where I learned how to search for the right keyword phrases.

I still have much to learn but at least I have DIRECTION now instead of

floundering all over the net!

Until next time - off to get more coffee!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wait... Look at the Mouse...

Now look at YOUR finger on the mouse.... ready to hit the back button... exit.... go back to where you were before you landed here...:)

Remember .... that is EXACTLY what YOUR readers are doing with YOUR articles, websites, blogs, whatever you are using to catch their attention.

If you can't get their attention with the first several phrases - and they hit the back button before they get past the first sentence - all the rest of the article was a waste of time.

And I don't know about you, but I HATE the thought of writing for nothing!

I am not one of those people that can sit down at any given time and rattle off an article in five minutes.

Nope, mine comes in spurts - and when I am in the 'mood' it all comes easy, but most other times it is work with a capital W.

And here is something else that is interesting....

95% of folks that are trying to make a go at making money ffrom home are trying to promote work at home stuff.... while at least 75% of the folks cruising the net are not even looking for work at home stuff....

I rarely set up campaigns on work at home things. There are waaay too many really cool products on Clickbank to promote that are loads easier and actually have pretty cool commissions to waste my time campaigning about working at home!

(most of my traffic to my work at home blogs and sites come from forums...because I am sadly addicted to work at home forums)

And I admit that I am hopelessly in love with and partial to the One Week Marketing Plan as when I found it I had been floundering around trying to write articles, set up Squidoo lenses , blogging , and although I was doing all the right things, nothing was happening....

All I was missing was a CLEAR plan of action to tie it all together and I found it with the OWMP.... Jennifer's program may not be your lifesaver, but if you are struggling and nothing is coming together for you here are a few tips....

1) you may be in the wrong niche

2) you may need a clear plan of action :)

Happy Marketing... I'll see you on the net. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

So... What IS Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?

(Yes, that is how I act when I log onto my computer and see $$ in my account....believe me, you will, too! :)

I have been getting quite a few questions lately on what affiliate marketing is all about , especially from young moms that are wanting to make some money from home and do not have a lot, is any, money to invest into a home business...

So, I will try to give a brief outline on the term " affiliate marketing"...

I am sure we have all been to Amazon websites.... Amazon is known as the King of Affiliates as that is what it is. A place where we can buy almost anything under the sun from a variety of vendors too long to list.

Here is how it works - Amazon is only a gateway to the product itself that many people use and when we purchase products from their sites , guess where it is shipped from... not Amazon!

Guess who makes the products - NOT Amazon!

Guess who handles the products - NOT Amazon!

So, who is actually marketing the products - Amazon!

Amazon makes a commission every time we make a purchase thru their sites... affiliate marketing at it's finest!

We can do the EXACT SAME thing. Use the exact same methods. And make money.

You can do it with blogs, with websites, hubpages, Squidoo lens, any place where you can send people to...

Find affiliate products to market through places like Commission Junction, Linkshare, Amazon itself!, Clickbank and place links on your sites that are provided for you by these places and you can do the exact same thing Amazon is doing...

"But I have no idea how to get started", you may be saying.... which is why I have posted several tools that I personally feel are great to help anyone get started with affiliate marketing... you will see them scattered throughout this site here if you browse around.

Some are more advances than others but they will all help you get started... you will never be as big as Amazon, but remember they started out at some point too. Everything has to start somewhere, before it will get anywhere!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

And Then I Made a Clickbank Sale.....!

... is your blog generating any money for you?

Do you have adsense on it?

Are you getting traffic to it?

The two biggest and most important things in getting your blog to make you some moolah is to have lots of traffic coming to it.

No traffic - no clicks - no money!

Simple and plain truth of blogging for money... you need traffic and more traffic and still more traffic coming to your sites every day... in order to make an income.

I know what it is like to write a blog post, ping it at and then run and check my adsense account or clickbank to see if there is any money there!

I had tried so hard to make money with blogs, Squidoo and writing articles and just was not seeing any money when I first came across the One Week Marketing plan... I was initially attracted to it as I was trying to master the whole Squidoo thing, but it had so much more than that for me.

I finally learned how to use the right keywords to optimize all my posts and sites for the search engines... I also learned how to link everything together to create a web effect on the internet and please the Big Google spiders!

But probably my very favorite part was the actual dialogue between Nick and Jennifer as she walked him thru setting up his very own campaign in a week. That was where I learned the most and the beauty of it that after you have that downloaded on your computer you can go back to it over and over. (I actually printed mine out as I use it every time I do a new campaign..)

That conversation alone was worth every penny I spent on the One Week Marketing plan!

And then when I made my first clickbank sale - I was ecstatic! (and hooked on internet marketing forever!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Money Making Blogs - Blogging Tips

Whew - our whole communication system was down for TWO whole days. We live in a remote area in NW Montana and because of some avalanche hitting a main tower - we lost everything, cell service, long distance, internet - talk about feeling cut off from the rest of civilization!

This is truly one of the most beautiful places to live for the most part, but when things like that happen, we are reminded of just how remote we really and how dependent we are on technology!

But I was also reminded how beautiful it is at a time like that to be in online marketing of some sort, whether that is with money making blogs, or with some other sort of work at home stuff as even though MY computer was not working - others were happily surfing the 'net.

And I got to do some things that I normally push aside, like baking apple pies and cleaning house!

The sad fact is that I would much rather be online than clean or cook - so I need to prioritize my life every so often and get things straight about how much time I get to spend online and actually it really helps to set a schedule of some sort - especially if you are doing more than one thing online.

For instance - here is what works for me at times if I can stick to it! I am a glutton for punishment with sticking too many 'irons in the fire' so to speak!

But here is a simple guideline that helps me stay on target on what I want to get accomplished per week and then you can break it down however you need to - with your schedule.

Money Making Blogs: Blog at least twice a week - (add a keyword rich post or article to each blog)

Free Advertising: Post a new ad every other day to each, like I use craigslist and freeads the most right now and with craigslist especially, it is best to add a few ads every other day.

Forum posting - my favorite so I do some of that almost every day....

But here is how it works if you break it down - have an hour set aside every day to work on your 'money making blogs' either by posting a new blog post or writing an article that links to your blog, or even building a new Squidoo lens that links to your blog...

Remember that the more content that is keyword focused and linking to each other - the better your campaign...

The same for the free advertising - post ads linking to your blogs.

Regardless what you do to promote your money making blogs - as long as you do something each day or at least a couple times a week, eventually you will generate more and more traffic. It takes time for it to build up but if you have a good niche, it will work.

I personally follow the One Week Marketing Plan a lot and use her techniques as Jennifer has so many tricks she has mastered with blogs and Squidoo.

Regardless which 'tool' you use, follow the tips and tricks they give you and do it consistently - and you will see results!

Here is another tool I came across recently and because it is under twenty bucks, it may be a great tool to add to the 'money making blogs arsenal' ! Click Here to get to more details on it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How to Start a Blog and Get That Blog Making Money For You!

"So how do I GET STARTED blogging for money?"

"Can you please tell me where to go... what to do... how to get started...."

I hear these questions all the time and because I am a niche blogger myself, I simply do not have the time to help everyone! (I make my money with affiliate marketing so I have to add posts to my blogs,too...:)

But maybe what I CAN do is set up a few short and simple steps here to help you get started blogging... believe me, once you get started, you will never stop learning.

The hardest part for many people is to simply to get started blogging. It was not that long ago that the mere thought of blogging gave me a headache, not to mention seo and keywords and all that stuff... I am not kidding!

So here is what I would advise you to do....

Step #1) Go to and register - it's free - once you have done that you are able to browse the marketplace and see what they offer as affiliate products to market. Most of the clickbank products are e-products so you want to be careful. If it looks cheesy to you, then stay away from it!

Step#2) Also go to a few other affiliate programs like,, commission junction and regsiter with each one, it is free as well , do so and browse their categories.
(some of these require you to have some sort of website or blog set up already... just wait on those till later...)

Step#3) Now go to or and set up a simple blog - let's say you are wanting to promote the program 'six pack abs' that you can find on clickbank - you will want to have your blog name something related to 'six pack abs' and you may have to play around with it till you find one that is available...

(use the keyword search tool at - it's a free tool)

Then you start posting about six pack abs on your blog - linking back to the ad page with the link provided to you from clickbank - it is called a hoplink and should look something like except the xxx's will be your own tracking link.

Remember - the more posts you have on your blog, the more exposure you get on google search - BUT be patient, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for google searchers to find you....

Okay - in a nutshell - that is how to get started and I will post more soon.... :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Free Keyword Search Tool - Helps Rank High in Google!

A few tips and excerpts from PotPieGirl's Training with the One Week Marketing Plan... on how to use the free keyword search tool with and Google search tools.

"Keyword research is one of the toughest things when learning all this internet marketing mumbo-jumbo, isn't it?

Seems everyone has a different keyword research technique - or free keyword search tool they use, and you're left wondering which way is up and maybe even MORE confused than ever.

Been there. Done that. =)

Do you need help?

First off, I am FAR from a keyword research genius, but I DO have a few tricks up my sleeve."

Jennifer goes on to explain how you can search out a specific keyword to see if you have a chance at ranking high on the search engines or if you are better off digging deeper in the 'keyword sandbox'.

Tip #1

You HAVE to have your keyword phrase IN your title.. Have to...have to...have to... did I say you MUST have your keyword phrase in your title!

Article title, blog title, Squidoo title, - it has to be in the title.

Tip #2

Have that EXACT keyword phrase within the first few sentences of your blog, or your Squidoo intro module.

Often Google will return those first few sentences as the description people see when they google your keyword phrase.

Tip #3

In the anchor text of links ON your blog or Squidoo lens - or in articles they need to be in the resource box.

An anchor link is simply a clickable link on your blog or Squidoo lens. Google puts weight on anchor text ON your page as well as the title and intro.

For instance if your keyword phrase is ' run a car on water', then that EXACT phrase needs to be in your title, intro and as anchor text somewhere on your page.

.... these are just a sampling of the tips and tricks you will learn from Potpiegirl and the One Week Marketing Plan as you continue your online marketing career whether it is affiliate marketing or with a home based business - she will help you learn how to EFFECTIVELY do your online marketing.

She uses the free keyword research tool available with and I camp out in that place whenever I get a chance.

Keyword research is VITAL to your success with anything you do online. Without keywords you will have no traffic and without traffic there is no money!