Saturday, September 25, 2010

Top Ten Money Making Tools

Here is a list of the top 10 Money Making Programs sold on the internet today.

(Or that is what I was told!)

I am simply listing them as a resource list in case someone is interested in checking any of them out. And no, I did NOT check them all out.

We are all responsible adults that can make our own decisions and while one program may work for one person an entirely different one will work for the next!

(Most of these programs will help you learn how to market Clickbank products)

But just to WARN you so you don't get fully ticked off... many of these programs are set up to where when you exit the page there is a counter-offer given - I VERY MUCH dislike those little boxes popping up so am warning you, PLUS giving the heads up that you can get some of them for a better price if you pretend to exit. :)

I STILL think SBI (Site Build It) is the absolute best for beginners - but not everyone is going to have the same opinion on that! :)

Okay here goes:

#1) AutoTraffic Avalanche

#2) Traffic Syphone

#3) AutoBlog Samauri

#4) ZeroCost Commissions

#5) Hyper Facebook Traffic System

#6) Blogging to the Bank

#7) Mobile Monopoly (tapping into the mobile market)

#8) 20 Minute Payday

#9) Zero Down Traffic Blueprint

#10) Backlink and SEO Software

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