Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ahhh...School Has Started!

After homeschooling for many years, we are sending our youngest ones to a local Christian school this year.

And all of a sudden I have several hours a day, all to myself....

I absolutely am loving it!

My list of "To Do Stuff" is in front of me... :)

One of the very first things on my list (and I have started it already) is to do several new campaigns with the One Week Marketing Plan.

I keep a copy of that plan in front of me as I follow it for my new campaign.

For those of you that are brand new to OWM, it is simply a tool to help with ANYTHING you wish to promote and make sales from.

I have used the OWM method for my Ebay log furniture store, and now get oodles of traffic to Ebay through Squidoo and my blog because of it.

I have used it to promote my Emergency-Survival-Skills.com website (that I built using SBI)and get traffic to it every day from my OWM campaigns.

click here----->One Week Marketing <-------click here!

So anyways... that is what I am up these days.... along with all the usual "Mom" stuff, like in about half an hour I drive the kids to school.... come back home and get the laundry taken care of ... take another son to the airport (he leaves to visit his older brother in CA for a week).... make sure Dad knows he needs to meet Daughter No 1 to test drive a car at 3pm....

Isn't life good?! :-)

Enjoy your day!