Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ahhh... Home Again After Two Weeks Vacation!

What a beautiful thing it is to go on a vacation but even more beautiful to come back home again!

We went from MT to MI to visit family - ran into blizzards both ways - got to see MT Rushmore with the kids - and had a wonderful time, blizzards and all!

I enjoyed the break from the computer as well. it is so important to get away from it all every so often. I seem to get the best ideas when I am away from it, like what to write articles on, what I could build Squidoo lenses on next and I am almost ready to tackle a new SBI site....

I did log onto the laptop every couple days and it was really fun to see commissions and sales even when I was not working. I tell you, the power of the internet and being able to harness that to funnel some money into our own bank accounts is exhilarating!

So, now I am trying to get back into a schedule with my kids and their homeschool, plus trying to find the time to put all the new ideas to work that I got while on vacation....

I have to admit - it IS good to be back in the swing again - but if you have not taken a break for awhile, maybe you need to step back, go take a few days off... who knows what killer ideas you may hatch while doing so.... :)