Sunday, January 4, 2009

Free Keyword Search Tool - Helps Rank High in Google!

A few tips and excerpts from PotPieGirl's Training with the One Week Marketing Plan... on how to use the free keyword search tool with and Google search tools.

"Keyword research is one of the toughest things when learning all this internet marketing mumbo-jumbo, isn't it?

Seems everyone has a different keyword research technique - or free keyword search tool they use, and you're left wondering which way is up and maybe even MORE confused than ever.

Been there. Done that. =)

Do you need help?

First off, I am FAR from a keyword research genius, but I DO have a few tricks up my sleeve."

Jennifer goes on to explain how you can search out a specific keyword to see if you have a chance at ranking high on the search engines or if you are better off digging deeper in the 'keyword sandbox'.

Tip #1

You HAVE to have your keyword phrase IN your title.. Have to...have to...have to... did I say you MUST have your keyword phrase in your title!

Article title, blog title, Squidoo title, - it has to be in the title.

Tip #2

Have that EXACT keyword phrase within the first few sentences of your blog, or your Squidoo intro module.

Often Google will return those first few sentences as the description people see when they google your keyword phrase.

Tip #3

In the anchor text of links ON your blog or Squidoo lens - or in articles they need to be in the resource box.

An anchor link is simply a clickable link on your blog or Squidoo lens. Google puts weight on anchor text ON your page as well as the title and intro.

For instance if your keyword phrase is ' run a car on water', then that EXACT phrase needs to be in your title, intro and as anchor text somewhere on your page.

.... these are just a sampling of the tips and tricks you will learn from Potpiegirl and the One Week Marketing Plan as you continue your online marketing career whether it is affiliate marketing or with a home based business - she will help you learn how to EFFECTIVELY do your online marketing.

She uses the free keyword research tool available with and I camp out in that place whenever I get a chance.

Keyword research is VITAL to your success with anything you do online. Without keywords you will have no traffic and without traffic there is no money!

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