Friday, May 22, 2009

Got a Check Today....

I got my first affiliate check today thru my Survival Sites - it was for $45 which again is not much for some folks, but to me it is a sign that more is to follow. lol

I have been building my SBI site for a little over a month now and that more than pays for the first month so I figure I am on top of the game even this early IN the game. :)

I had a busy week so I need to go build a page tonight - just had to post that really quick for ya'll.


  1. Awesome Viola! So thrilled for you. I just know this site is going to be a long term winner for you. I'm pleased as can be.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hey, if you can make $45 with the work you've done so far, then I am sure you will continue to build that income! Good job.

  3. Thanks guys! As you can see I am not as blogger savvy as I am SBI - lol - I never saw these comments until now. And Genesis you are right - my SBI site made me over $1600 this month. (Sept 2010) =)