Monday, December 29, 2008

How to Make Money Blogging About Things We Do Already!

So... here we are with a blog all set up and no idea how to go about making money with a blog...

(First of all, there are many amazing and wonderful tools to help shorten the learning curve for you to get into profit more quickly with building a blog, and I have several of my personal favorites scattered around on my blog here.)

But is a few short words, making money with a blog is simply by looking at it as a 'showcase' or storefront in a way, as you know how in real life, outside the walls of the internet, if you want to buy shoes, you will go to a shoestore - or if you want pastries, you would hardly go into a pet shop...

Same way online... people are searching online for stuff, every seciond of every day.... if you are blogging about pets, then you will want the links on your site to go to pet items.

It would be silly to write an article about your Aunt Bonnies amazing pumpkin desert on your blog about pets - not only silly but actually the search engines will look at that and because nothing really matches up, they will pass over it whereas if everything is related to pets, and someone googles something like 'allergy pet skin care' and you have a blog post about something related to 'allergies and skin care' you just might get that traffic which can turn into a customer for you if your blog is related to what they are actually searching for.

I have seen blogs that have everything but the kitchen sink on them and then they wonder why they do not get traffic from the search engines!

Here is a simple tip that will get you more targeted traffic in a matter of days:

Write a post on your blog every day for a week - and keep it all very similar, and yet have it be fresh new content - for instance, let's use the pet care one since we seem to be on that subject!

One day, you write a blog post about 'pet skin care' - the next day it could be ' allergy free pet skin care' and the day following, you might do one that says ' sensitive pet skin care', etc, etc, and ping your blog each time you add a post.... if you have never pinged your blogs - go to and follow the steps there - it is easy and free to register for it.

You should notice an increase in traffic very quickly with that one little trick... go one step further and write a brief article using the same keywords and link back to your blog with them - submit your articles to places like , and ...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Blog - is it Worth it?

Is it worth it to spend some time to learn a technique that could pay out for months and years down the road...

Is it worth the extra effort it takes for those of us that have never gone much farther than to send emails or chat on facebook to be stretched into setting up an affiliate marketing blog that has the possibility of creating a mini gold mine ( and for some, not so mini!)

Ask Amy Bass ...she will quickly tell you that it is worth it all!!

Or Jennifer Ledbetter (also known as potpiegirl) she is another one that has not only mastered the art of creating not only one affiliate marketing blog but many blogs , along with Squidoo sites .... and she now teaches others how to do the same as does Amy Bass as well...

Amy has a program designed for the beginner blogger and Jennifer's is more for the experienced blogger and Squidooer... but the beautiful thing is that they both focus on using free sites and tools to make money with affiliate marketing blogs.

Amy's story is beautiful in the fact that she got to help her 50 year old mother, who had never done more then send an email - get started with affiliate marketing blogging .... You can actually hear her Mom's own story HERE...

Creating an Affiliate Marketing Blog is not for everyone!

Who Affiliate Marketing and Blogging Is NOT For!

  • If you hate to learn or try new techniques...You don't need this!

  • If you are expecting to get rich overnight...Please save your money!

  • If you are lazy...This isn't for you!

The Niche Blogger Course is for the beginner, maybe a stay at home mom or an unemployed average Joe who is struggling to make ends meet.

The One Week Marketing Action Plan is perfect for those who have:

  • Tried some article marketing, or

  • Made some Squidoo lenses, and maybe

  • Learned a little about keywords, and probably have

  • Tried other free methods to make money online but can't seem to put it all together.

I know from personal, first-hand experience, that there is this place of complete frustration many of us come to when learning about affiliate marketing.

We are bombarded with information on SO many topics and methods to make money online. We try some of this and some of that, but nothing is "coming together".

Our eyes start to cross, our heads start to spin...and we feel like we are about to EXPLODE from frustration. We feel like we have run into a brick wall that there is NO WAY to get through.

It is at this exact point that you either get an effective and easy-to-follow action plan to create your very own affiliate marketing blog campaigns that work - or you quit....

Friday, December 12, 2008

How to Build a Blog...

It's really quite simple to build a blog even if you have never blogged...

I remember not so long ago that the thought of building a blog was terrifyingly intimidating! But then so is anything new for me... I wish I could just learn it all and live happily ever after, but unfortunately with internet marketing, we will never be done learning!

And is it just me, or do new techniques and marketing tools pop up almost before we have the last 'new thing' mastered??

Almost like it is in steroid mode.

But anyways, back to blogging, for those of you that have never blogged, you simply go to and set up a blog. You will need a gmail email address to do so as they are connected but that is also free and easy to do.

Then once you have it all set up, go in and play around! Write a bit about yourself in a blog post and see what it looks like, add some pictures... the really cool thing is that you can erase and change anything you want. So don't be afraid to play around in it.

Once you get familiar with the whole aspect of blogging, any training tools you get will make much more sense to you.

Happy Blogging!

Is Your Blog Making Money For You?

Do you have a blog already? Or just learning to build a blog, perhaps...

Did you know that there are many, many moms that are getting paid to blog about what they love! It can be anything from babies and diapers to candies and chocolates..... or perhaps something more sophisticated like profesional blogging about being a lawyer or an herbalist.

Those are just some ideas out of the top of my head.... I personally write a lot about the subject of working at home as that is my passion and it does work the best of you can write about something you have experience in or can be passionate about.

Folks seem to pick up when we are just spouting about stuff we really have no idea on!

But I can write with authority on things like :

working leads.... making dials... network marketing... affiliate marketing.... selling on Ebay.... mlm..

Cause I have been there, done that!

And let me tell you, right off the bat - (just in case you are on here and you happen to understand that language as well..) that after spending years and thousands of dollars in network marketing, I have found my passion and that is in affiliate marketing.

Doesn't cost hardly anything to do it, and you can make pretty decent money at it... if you don't give up too quickly but we know all about being persistent and consistent , don't we, if we have been in network marketing long enough and/or have been to any personal development seminars...!

Don't get me wrong - network marketing works.... I don't doubt that for a minute... but it just didn't seem to work very well for me as I can't sell hot chocolate to an Eskimo in sub-zero weather!

So anyways, in a nutshell, affiliate marketing is like having a giant online consigment store where you can make commissions of anything you market - the trick is in getting people to your online storefront.

After using the One Week Marketing Plan, I finally have been able to get not only customers to my online storefront but also buyers, which we need if we want to stay in business, right?

If you are one of those people that has 'computer time' in the wee hours or late hours and are looking how to make money blogging, then this may be the right tool for you as well.

Get your blog making money for you and then after it is all set, find a new niche, build a blog on it - oh and I use Squidoo along with blogs but that is what PotPieGirl will cover in her stuff - she takes you through EXACTLY what she did to start making several hundred to several thousand a day with affiliate marketing.

Go grab your copy or at least download her first 18 pages for free to see if it is a fit for you... and