Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Plug for One Week Marketing!

It's been awhile since I have put in a plug for the One Week Marketing Plan as I have so busy with my SBI site and I also have a ton of other stuff going on this summer...like aquiring about 4000 old records that I am helping my daughter with as a business... =)

But anyways, I have campaigns running that I set up using the OWM and the beauty of that is that it is floating out there even though I don't do anything with them... making me sales here and there.

The other morning when I checked my Clickbank account, I had only two clickthroughs which is not good at all as far as numbers go but they both ended up as sales so it was REALLY good as far as numbers go - lol!

But the amazing thing was they both came from two very different products that I had created some Squidoo lenses and blogs on and then never did much with it as I just didn't have time to do research on it to write articles etc...

So the bottom line is that if you are doing affiliate marketing and not making ANY sales it may be because you don't have a clear action plan....

I can not stress it enough that you MUST have an action plan. The One Week Marketing has one of the best and easy to follow plans that I have seen yet and has helped many over the hump with the whole affiliate marketing thing - I know it did me!

GRAB YOUR COPY OF ONE WEEK MARKETING HERE and let your story be the next one!!