Saturday, January 10, 2009

Money Making Blogs - Blogging Tips

Whew - our whole communication system was down for TWO whole days. We live in a remote area in NW Montana and because of some avalanche hitting a main tower - we lost everything, cell service, long distance, internet - talk about feeling cut off from the rest of civilization!

This is truly one of the most beautiful places to live for the most part, but when things like that happen, we are reminded of just how remote we really and how dependent we are on technology!

But I was also reminded how beautiful it is at a time like that to be in online marketing of some sort, whether that is with money making blogs, or with some other sort of work at home stuff as even though MY computer was not working - others were happily surfing the 'net.

And I got to do some things that I normally push aside, like baking apple pies and cleaning house!

The sad fact is that I would much rather be online than clean or cook - so I need to prioritize my life every so often and get things straight about how much time I get to spend online and actually it really helps to set a schedule of some sort - especially if you are doing more than one thing online.

For instance - here is what works for me at times if I can stick to it! I am a glutton for punishment with sticking too many 'irons in the fire' so to speak!

But here is a simple guideline that helps me stay on target on what I want to get accomplished per week and then you can break it down however you need to - with your schedule.

Money Making Blogs: Blog at least twice a week - (add a keyword rich post or article to each blog)

Free Advertising: Post a new ad every other day to each, like I use craigslist and freeads the most right now and with craigslist especially, it is best to add a few ads every other day.

Forum posting - my favorite so I do some of that almost every day....

But here is how it works if you break it down - have an hour set aside every day to work on your 'money making blogs' either by posting a new blog post or writing an article that links to your blog, or even building a new Squidoo lens that links to your blog...

Remember that the more content that is keyword focused and linking to each other - the better your campaign...

The same for the free advertising - post ads linking to your blogs.

Regardless what you do to promote your money making blogs - as long as you do something each day or at least a couple times a week, eventually you will generate more and more traffic. It takes time for it to build up but if you have a good niche, it will work.

I personally follow the One Week Marketing Plan a lot and use her techniques as Jennifer has so many tricks she has mastered with blogs and Squidoo.

Regardless which 'tool' you use, follow the tips and tricks they give you and do it consistently - and you will see results!

Here is another tool I came across recently and because it is under twenty bucks, it may be a great tool to add to the 'money making blogs arsenal' ! Click Here to get to more details on it.

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