Sunday, April 26, 2009

Building a New SBI Site...

Whew... I am well into building my new SBI site and am all pumped, full of ideas and not enough time to get it all done as fast as I would like to!

My very first SBI site that I had ever done was in one of the hardest niches on Planet Internet.... the work at home niche. DON'T put all your eggs in that basket, trust me! Although I do have this blog as my WAH Ramblings site, and I have a freeby website at - other than that I put all my efforts into more profitable niches and topics than making money at home stuff.

So when I got discouraged with the WAH SBI site - and for those of you that are not familiar with SBI, it is the website in a box tool called SiteBuildIt! . Hundreds of work at home moms (and dads) are using it to build their own websites where they can earn a pretty good living with affiliate marketing and adsense.

But anyways, back to my ramblings, after I laid that first site down, I have gone the route of building blogs, Squidoo lenses and writing articles - all free methods to earn affiliate commissions online which is wonderful , especially if you use the OWM (One Week Marketing) guide to help you along. In fact, I didn't make any money till I started using that and following the simple steps outlined there....

I started making money and getting checks in the mail, so I decided to build another SBI site... Wow, all I can say, is WOW!

I had forgotten all the tools that are at my fingertips with it. The SBI system will do it all. It submits each page to various search engines immediately after it is built, it checks that all the links are working, but most importantly of all.... it will tell you as you build each page, whether or not it will please the Google Search Engine and spiders. That is HUGE!!

For any of you that have been following my blogs at all, you all know that I am not perfect. I have grammar errors, big time! And usually I think way faster than I can type, which makes for hard reading at times... so hey, if I can do this, ANYBODY can!!

What are you waiting for? :)

If this is all brand new to you - I would suggest to go build your first blog once. If you want to, send me a link to it, and I'll give you some hints or tips on what you can do with it. Or grab a simple tool or program to help you. There are a variety of them scattered throughout my blog here... and just get started!

Until next time...

Have fun!

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