Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Affiliate Part is Easy - The MARKETING is Where We Get Hung up On

Finding stuff to market online is easy... if only the marketing were as simple as finding the products!

Like for instance, I'll go browsing thru the Clickbank marketplace and find a variety of things that I would love to talk about and then I spend several hours trying to find the keywords needed to penetrate enough so that someone can find me on the vast land of the web...

Keyword research is the most important ingredient of Internet Marketing in my opinion.

Me favorite tool is still the keyword sandbox at - it's free and fun to play in. And it is almost like digging for a treasure. As you dig deeper and deeper to get to a good long tailed keyword phrase, it is like gold when you find it. :)
You are searching for keywords related to dancing and you find that there are 35,000 searches for salsa dancing versus tango dancing which has only 18,000... so you enter salsa dancing into the search box and now you have a whole string of related 'long tailed keyword phrases' specific to salsa dancing that you can use for weeks to write articles, blog posts, and build Squidoo lenses on.
(and Clickbank has a few really cool products to promote regarding dancing :)

But, yes, the marketing is where most people give up in any kind of work at home stuff - because no matter what you do - whether it is a home based business, network marketing, mlm, affiliate marketing.... whatever it is that we decide to get involved in to make some moolah from home - it is ALL about Marketing... and then more marketing...

That is why most successful internet marketers are involved with or use some sort of Internet Marketing program to help them with the marketing part.

I know I probably sound like a broken record but I am very much partial to the One Week Marketing Plan as that is what I finally ended up getting to help me get over the hump of the frustrating zeros in my Clickbank account.

That is where I learned how to put together a successful campaign where people actually FIND my stuff thru surfing the net without me having to PAY for advertising.

It is also where I learned how to search for the right keyword phrases.

I still have much to learn but at least I have DIRECTION now instead of

floundering all over the net!

Until next time - off to get more coffee!


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