Thursday, January 22, 2009

And Then I Made a Clickbank Sale.....!

... is your blog generating any money for you?

Do you have adsense on it?

Are you getting traffic to it?

The two biggest and most important things in getting your blog to make you some moolah is to have lots of traffic coming to it.

No traffic - no clicks - no money!

Simple and plain truth of blogging for money... you need traffic and more traffic and still more traffic coming to your sites every day... in order to make an income.

I know what it is like to write a blog post, ping it at and then run and check my adsense account or clickbank to see if there is any money there!

I had tried so hard to make money with blogs, Squidoo and writing articles and just was not seeing any money when I first came across the One Week Marketing plan... I was initially attracted to it as I was trying to master the whole Squidoo thing, but it had so much more than that for me.

I finally learned how to use the right keywords to optimize all my posts and sites for the search engines... I also learned how to link everything together to create a web effect on the internet and please the Big Google spiders!

But probably my very favorite part was the actual dialogue between Nick and Jennifer as she walked him thru setting up his very own campaign in a week. That was where I learned the most and the beauty of it that after you have that downloaded on your computer you can go back to it over and over. (I actually printed mine out as I use it every time I do a new campaign..)

That conversation alone was worth every penny I spent on the One Week Marketing plan!

And then when I made my first clickbank sale - I was ecstatic! (and hooked on internet marketing forever!)