Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't Know What to Write About??

Every writer has those moments - the blank memory times .... and then we all have those moments as well, when the pens fly (or the fingers) and it seems the articles, or blog posts or whatever we are trying to write about just flows...

We all love those times and have learned - somewhat anyways - to live with the not so good moments when we seem to have to squeeze our brain to exude any kind of sentence.

I have an idea for you.... and this is especially for those of you that like to write about anything under the sun..... just for the kicks of writing. :) Yep, there are those of us that just love to write and just wish we had more ways to monetise what we just wrote - lol

What if I told you that there ARE ways to do exactly that?

Ever heard of google trends ??

It is an amazing tool - you will find the hottest trends on google searches from anything like " kal penn death " to "sat scores" and "blind pilot "...

There are folks that simply have websites with articles on all sorts of things and follow the google trends to learn what to write about then monetise with things like adsense, etc...

Here is what one writer shared about that. You can read it HERE...
I will keep you posted on what is happening with my writings on 'trendy material' :)

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