Saturday, May 9, 2009

SBI update...

Summer is here and boy, it is a busy time with teenagers and all... Plus my hubby's job is still on hold, as it has been all winter. With not much luck at finding anything around here.

Although we are so thankful for what my Internet Marketing brings in for us, it is not to the point where we can just depend on it, so I am doing part time work, which keeps me hopping for sure.

But with what I am doing now with affiliate marketing and my new SBI site, I can do all that in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, if I have to... so that is nice and because I am so helplessly addicted to the online stuff, I DO find other times to work at it as well. :)

So, for those of you that are following my progress with SBI, ( here is my site if you have not seen it yet... ) I am at about 20 pages now and am getting steady traffic from Google every day. I know from past experience that it will keep steadily building as I add new pages and new content. (my goal is to have over a hundred pages built by July... we shall see if I get there!)

As of this writing on the 9th of May, you will notice there are not a whole lot of adsense ads and affilaite links added to the site yet. There is a reason for that. SBI explains all that in their FREE AFFILIATE MASTERS COURSE... if you have not taken advantage of that, you are missing out!

Anyways, today is another very busy Staurday at my house so I will need to be off and running... I have done my two hours of 'work' today on the computer so I need to get my 'real work in real life' done too, now! :)

Until next time...
Happy Marketing!