Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whoa - How Time Flies By!

Especially when you are having fun. :)

A few quick updates on my life...

  • School - things are going very well. For those of you that are new to my blog... I have been a homeschooling mom for many years and this year we are sending our kids to Christian School.... I absolutely love it!

  • My SBI Site - things are picking up. Am getting over a hundred unique visitors a day now and am adding content , although not nearly as much as I would like to.... maybe after the holidays.

  • Ebay and Amazon - I have been selling a lot of old Records lately and am thinking it is because of Christmas coming up. (I bought an old guy's collection and am selling them but you can ALWAYS pick them up at second hand stores for next to nothing and sell them)

So now you know why I have not been posting much of late!

For those of you that are building Squidoo Lenses - if you have not gotten the One Week Marketing - you are wasting time spinning your wheels!

Because of what I learned with the OWM - much of my traffic to my SBI site is coming from various Squidoo lenses.

On BAD thing that happened to me in the last few weeks was that
I had all my wordpress blogs locked up because of one blog I made that was
against their policies - or so they said - no warning... nothing... just locked
them all up.


To say the least, BUT THANKFULLY I was not depending on Wordpress Blogs for most of my income.

ULTIMATELY, you will want to build your own site instead of using places such as blogs and Squidoo... so that con not ever happen to you!

And when you do that , unless you have a handle on all the html stuff (and KUDOS to you if you do!!)... but most people don't.... and if you are one of those that don't have a handle on it all, then SBI is definitely the way to get your internet own real estate out there.

SBI! Order Page


  1. So, how is SBI doing for you now?

  2. Sorry - I have not checked my comments for a long time as you can see! SBI is doing well for me - it made me about $1600 this month (Sept, 2010) Thanks!