Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Felmina... so far so good!

I love it how Felmina sends out those emails every day letting us know how much interest we made that day.

We are on day 22 and are making about a hundred bucks a day now which we letting compound at 100% for now.

Go check out the calculator here ( click on the 'calculator' link at the top of the page there)

My friend Charlotte's first $1000 made her over $25,000 which she drew out the first part of August and she has another $25,000 coming in September - all from sticking in only $1000 into the Enhanced Option at 180 days. (Remember that when you use the Enhanced Option you lock your money IN for that many days which is why it pays more)

180 business days turns into around nine months.

Our next goal is to put in about $5000 more into the Basic Option so we can set the compounding at 30% and live off the interest this winter. :)

Please Remember:
Only invest what you can afford to play with - Many people have made MILLIONS with companies like this, but it IS taking a gamble with your money. ZeekRewards was a stark reminder of what CAN happen in this industry. Play safe and have fun!

Visit the link below and set up Egopay / Payza to drop in your first $20 and test it. I set up my Egopay and Payza with no problems at all and used it to drop some money in.

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