Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wait... Look at the Mouse...

Now look at YOUR finger on the mouse.... ready to hit the back button... exit.... go back to where you were before you landed here...:)

Remember .... that is EXACTLY what YOUR readers are doing with YOUR articles, websites, blogs, whatever you are using to catch their attention.

If you can't get their attention with the first several phrases - and they hit the back button before they get past the first sentence - all the rest of the article was a waste of time.

And I don't know about you, but I HATE the thought of writing for nothing!

I am not one of those people that can sit down at any given time and rattle off an article in five minutes.

Nope, mine comes in spurts - and when I am in the 'mood' it all comes easy, but most other times it is work with a capital W.

And here is something else that is interesting....

95% of folks that are trying to make a go at making money ffrom home are trying to promote work at home stuff.... while at least 75% of the folks cruising the net are not even looking for work at home stuff....

I rarely set up campaigns on work at home things. There are waaay too many really cool products on Clickbank to promote that are loads easier and actually have pretty cool commissions to waste my time campaigning about working at home!

(most of my traffic to my work at home blogs and sites come from forums...because I am sadly addicted to work at home forums)

And I admit that I am hopelessly in love with and partial to the One Week Marketing Plan as when I found it I had been floundering around trying to write articles, set up Squidoo lenses , blogging , and although I was doing all the right things, nothing was happening....

All I was missing was a CLEAR plan of action to tie it all together and I found it with the OWMP.... Jennifer's program may not be your lifesaver, but if you are struggling and nothing is coming together for you here are a few tips....

1) you may be in the wrong niche

2) you may need a clear plan of action :)

Happy Marketing... I'll see you on the net. :)