Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Update on Our HYIP Journey...

Day 32... 148 to go with Felmina. :)

But that's okay - our $1000 in the Basic Option has turned into over $1600 in those 32 short days and before we know it, we will be at the half way mark. Actually we are planning to start drawing out soon so we can get our initial deposit back. And then the rest is free money. lol

Some things we have learned in the past few weeks with HYIPs... there are TON of them out there. Very few have lasted for more than a few months. They rise up... and disappear.

Only a few of these progams, such as EurEx and Felmina, have a decent enough plan to stay in place for several years.

"How can these companies pay so much interest on a daily basis?"

I had the same questions and it's rather interesting if you study it at all. In fact if you go to the EurEx Trade site here you will find some VERY interesting information on how the trading is done and they even have daily trade reports.

Our little peon minds have a hard time grasping the figures these big gurus work every day, but when you realize they deal in MILLIONS of dollars on a daily basis and are making an average of 2-3% on this money EACH AND EVERY DAY, then it is a little easier to understand how they can take our money, invest it and work with it for a short nine or even 6 months and turn into an incredible amount of money.

For now we are only heavily invested with Felmina but are keeping an eye on EurEx as well as they look very promising...

Cheers and good luck!

Here are the links to both programs where you can check them out to your heart's content:

Felmina Investment Opportunity

EurEx Trade Investments

Please remember: ONLY invest money you can afford to PLAY with!

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