Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Okay, anyone that has been following me for any length of time KNOWS that I have tried almost everything under the sun as far as internet marketing and making money from home.


I found something really cool to add to my pile of baskets ( you know, they say to not have all your eggs in one basket...?!)

This time my husband is just as excited as I am...

You know, it's crazy how you can get so wrapped up in what you are doing sometimes that you can COMPLETELY miss out on other exciting things happening all around you... and sometimes RIGHT under our noses!

That's how it was with Felmina ... and a few other things kinda like it.

HYIPs ... that's what they call these programs. (High Yield Investment Programs)

I could seriously KICK myself.

I found out about this stuff a year ago and if I had done some due diligence I would be making some really good money right now.

I am talking hundreds of thousands.

I know.

It's almost scary.


These programs work and people are making some wicked money with them.

I actually got on board with one and then got scared and backed away.

Silly, but oh well... I am now on board, all the way. *grin*

I will be posting more later on the specifics of some of these programs but for now, the ones I am involved in are some that have been proven successful by some former business partners of mine that have made money with them...

shoot me an email at viola1968@gmail.com if you need to talk to someone about it...

Felmina is the main one I am involved in at the time and here is a link to get more information - just remember that with these programs - they ARE high YIELD and high RISK, so only invest what you can afford to play with! =)


Then I am also into Bidify ... and here is that link...

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