Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Simple Steps to Making Money

Some of you are asking,"Can you show me exactly the steps to make money on the internet...?"

And actually, yes, I can.

Will it make you money?

Only YOU can decide that!

You see, although I or anyone else, can show you EXACTLY what we do to make money with the internet , only YOUR determination and willingness to stay consistent will determine YOUR results.

So What's MY Secret?

Sorry, I don't have one. Unless you call 'not giving up' a secret ingredient! But I DO have a method.

First of all you need to understand that if you know NOTHING at all about affiliate marketing, then you NEED to get something like SBI ( SiteBuildIt) or OWM ( One Week Marketing) to help you with that.

Preferably SBI Click here to see SBI (SiteBuildIt as that is hands down, the BEST program I have come across yet for Beginners.

Most of what I learned came from SBI as I built my website. (click here to peek at my SBI site)

They have the best system I have EVER come across that will not only help you build your own website but you WILL know all about SEO when you are done. :)

My Methods

I am constantly adding pages top my SBI site, of course, as that is my main website at this point, but I also like to build smaller niche websites... in fact, these are becoming quite addicting to me.

The niche websites are smaller than my SBI site and much more tightly focused, so it only takes a few days to set one up and then I move on to another one.

I use a variety of methods to build the smaller sites - Squidoo, blogs, articles, etc...

What is a Niche Website?

A niche site is a blog, Squidoo lens, or what I prefer is a wordpress blog hosted on something like Hostgator that is ONLY about a specific thing.

For instance, building a site about Halloween Costumes may be one thing, but to build a niche site on a topic WITHIN the whole Halloween costumes arena is much more profitable.

There are HUNDREDS of niche sites you can build off that one topic. Like Superman costumes, Batman costumes, Tinkerbell costumes... you get the picture.

Why separate them out like that?

Simple. To please the search engines, and when you please them, they are much kinder, or is it 'more kind'... whatever... kinder sounds better. lol....but anyways, Google loves it when we are more SPECIFIC on what our site is actually about.

Someone is searching for a peacock costume and google is going..."let me see, here's one with a bazillion costumes, they probably have a peacock one, or no WAIT, here is one with ONLY peacock costumes...perfect... and there you are on page one."

Yeah, I know, that was a bit crude. But you get my point, right?

So a Few Simple Steps

1) Find a niche like that. I have done niche sites in anything from weight loss stuff, don't go there, it is a HARD niche, to solar stuff... hot topic with MANY sheds, furniture, toys, home decor.... you name it, there is a niche site you can build with it. ;)

2) Don't know how to find the right keywords? Use a free tool like ( use this every time I search for the right keywords to use on an article)

3) If you have never done anything like Hostgator with wordpress, then just use a free place like Squidoo ,, , or and start building pages.

4)Find Products to market in your niche. I use , and Clickbank the most when I am looking for products to promote on my website. Adsense is of course, always great to add for income as well.

5) I can not stress enough that if this is all somewhat new to you, save yourself a lot of sweat and failure and start with SBI first.

If you don't have the money for SBI, do what I did, sell stuff on Ebay or do odd jobs until you have enough saved up to purchase it.

I will NEVER regret doing that!

Until next time.... happy writing!

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